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The European Society for Intravenous anaesthesia

Welcome to the European Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia!


For the last 17 years the aim of EuroSIVA has been to promote the understanding of intravenous pharmacology to clinicians and other health care providers. We are devoted and passionate about teaching, education and research. EuroSIVA provides practical clinical knowledge derived from translational science and applied pharmacology to underpin the best practice in TIVA and target controlled infusion (TCI) for anaesthetists, anaesthetic nurse practitioners and pump developers.

Every period has its own interesting facets. The world of intravenous anaesthesia is emerging further and going fast with developments in pump technology, new drugs and formulations and our improved knowledge of drug effect and monitoring. The open TCI initiative has been successfully tackling challenges with pharmacokinetic models.

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  • What is EuroSIVA?

    The European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) has emerged as the
    pre-eminent scientific Society for Anaesthesiologists in Europe and there was a desire to develop an associated European Society for Intravenous Anaesthesia with the responsibility to co-ordinate, facilitate and to provide high quality presentations and cutting edge information related to TIVA. EuroSIVA is a foundation and registered in The Netherlands.


    The foundation aims to develop and promote the highest quality of education for those involved in drugs administered intravenously and to develop programs for introducing these new techniques into the standard curriculum and examination system in the individual countries. Within Europe, many of these aims have been achieved and regular raining courses have now been established.

  • Aim of EuroSIVA

    The aim of EuroSIVA is to bring all those with a major interest in the development, research and education of intravenou anaesthesia under one European organisation. We welcome you to take part in many activities, such as scientific and educational meetings, interactive discussions on our website and exchange of research in intravenous pharmacology. EuroSIVA communicates with similar organisations across the globe and facilitates close contacts.Welcome to the European Society of Intravenous Anaesthesia!

  • Mission Statement

    “To promote the highest standards of practice in intravenous anaesthetic pharmacology and drug delivery through education, research and professional development in its broadest sense throughout Europe.”

Meet the board

The Board

and...  Michel Struys, Netherlands (Research and development ) and Claude Meistelman, France, (ESA linkman)




Since it was founded in 1997,  EuroSIVA has organised a recurring annual scientific meeting to support the interest, knowledge and education of Intravenous Anesthesia in Europe. EuroSIVA is also closely connected to the International Foundation of Intravenous Anesthesia (IFIVA), an organisation that pursues similar goals on a world wide scale.


Eurosiva Annual Scientific Meeting

London 2016

Friday May 27

The EuroSIVA Scientific meeting, our flagship event,

 is a half-day pre-congress meeting within Euroanaesthesia 2016 and will take place at ExCeL London, at the Royal Victorian Dock. Separate registration through ESA website (www.esahq.com) is required. There will also be on-site registration for those who only want to attend EuroSIVA.


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Looking further – Anaesthesia and outcome

Sunday May 29 14:00 – 15:30

This in-side ESA session is open to all ESA delegates and  traditionally is focused on scientific and technical advances in intravenous pharmacology, drug delivery and monitoring. Presentations on the effect of intravenous anaesthetics on long-term patient outcome will be followed by a critical appraisal allowing debate and controversy.

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Third EuroSIVA postgraduate training course Porto

Wednesday June 22-23

It is with great pleasure to invite you to the third EuroSIVA postgraduate training course on intravenous pharmacology, affiliated to an academic institution.

This affordable yet high quality course will be again hosted and organized in Porto (Portugal) on the 22nd-23rd June 2016 and held in the Hospital Geral de Santo Antonio. It is open for all specialist doctors,trainees, sedation practioners and others with a special interest in intravenous anaesthesia pharmacology, monitoring and equipment.


Education on intravenous pharmacology and related topic forms the core mission of  EuroSIVA.  In this education section you will find scholarly presentations and publications that we have produced to publicly share with the anaesthetic community and interested parties. We also cover wider current aspects of anaesthesia topics like monitoring and the effects our practice has on outcome. More material will become available over time. Check this site regularly for updates!

This is the place you find some interesting presentations and videos from speakers at recent EuroSIVA meetings.

EuroSIVA have produced a selection of publications like newsletters, meeting reports and book monographs.


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For meetings and registrations:

Mrs Silvia Lenz

Department of Anaesthesiology

and Intensive Care,

Orthopaedic University Clinic Balgrist

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+41 44 386 38 32

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Tivatrainer is an educational programme, developed to explain pharmacokinetic principles and show the pharmacokinetic properties of IV anesthetics and other drugs. TivatrainerX is the iphone version

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Dr Frank Engbers

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